The MAC Selena Collection is Bidi Bidi Bomb Bomb

The limited-edition Selena collection by MAC is so beautiful that I might just display it as a trophy on my vanity (that I’ve yet to purchase) and let others admire it from afar. This sounds ridiculous, but have you ever bought makeup that is just too pretty to use?!

All of us Selena Y Los Dinos Fans, can thank Patty Rodriguez -one of Selena’s arguably biggest fans- who created a petition for a MAC makeup Selena collection over two years ago. The petition received an overwhelming 35,000+ supporters and resulted in this makeup line!

It just shows what an immense fan base she had, even 20 years after her passing. She will be remembered and honored not just for her talent, but for her lively spirit, infectious smile and her ability to be a role model by being herself.

MAC collaborated with the Quintanilla family, especially her sister, Suzette to create colors that are representative of those Selena wore on and offstage and to celebrate Latinas and Selena fans with this beautiful, honorary collection.


The entire collection featured five eye shadows, a liquid liner, mascara, a bronzer compact, a brush, three lipsticks and a lip gloss. Right off the bat, I can say I knew I wanted two lipsticks and a bronzer.

What did I leave with? Three lipsticks, a bronzer and two eye shadows. Self control is practically nonexistent when Selenasss is involved.




I thought I would love the bright, signature red lipstick, “Como La Flor”the most and while I do love it– I’m all about the nude Amor Prohibido! It’s a silky formula that seems hydrating. “Dreaming of You” is matte and the swatch isn’t as creamy.



I actually didn’t swatch the lipgloss because between the line and depleting makeup inventory– I was on a mission.


The bronzer had a small blush, but I respect that they included it nonetheless! They had to make room for the beautiful “Selena” signature. Of course, this is one major reason I don’t want to use it!

I loved all of the eyeshadows (named after her songs) but I chose the pearly purple, “Selena” that’s reminiscent of the outfit she wore at her last concert. I also bought the nude pink “Missing my Baby.” I really regret not getting my hands on the sandy brown “No Me Queda Mas,” but the pink “Fotos and Recuerdos” wasn’t a fitting color for me or one that I saw myself wearing.

The eyeliner was fitting and pretty, but from what I’ve seen in beauty bloggers’ YouTube videos, the payoff could be darker.

The verdict? Don’t be too bidi bidi bum bummed if you didn’t get the collection, at least you’re not bidi bidi broke {like me} and it may be re-released in about a year. Pst, Remember the MAC Marilyn Monroe collection that relaunched after about a year? Just saying.

What are your favorite products from this collection?!

Until next week,







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