Best Wig @ the Best Price

Skip the ultra shiny wig that you have to wait in lines at Party City for, I’ve got you covered.

Yes, I got my wig from Amazon. And yes, I love it.

For Halloween, I purchased a blonde wig to be Little Bo’ Peep. Partly because she’s blonde and partly because I’ve been wanting to buy a wig!

I purchased this $42 wig from Amazon with 2-day Prime shipping. I expected good quality because it had great reviews, but the quality far exceeded my expectations.

_mg_4371_mg_4644The dark roots really help the wig to appear real. It feels like real hair, it’s not ultra shiny, it’s easy to brush and heat-resistant! As if this isn’t good enough, it came with two wig caps and a compact brush!

They have a variety of wigs -both synthetic and real human hair varieties- at a range of prices from affordable toward higher end. I can’t wait to buy more! I just need to gather the courage to wear them out more.

On Saturday, I wore this wig to work to make getting ready for my Halloween party easier, and some people even believed I chopped and dyed my hair!

Until next Tuesday,

Untitled                                                                           images-3images-2


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