Makeup Bundles at Bargain Prices

Holiday season is here and it’s my favorite because of the lights, the food, the spirit, the movies, the cold 72 degree weather we get here (brr…) and holiday gift sets.

Ah, everything good comes out in this season– the best perfume, cosmetic and beauty packages together at nifty prices that you are expected to purchase as gifts for yourself someone else. Ba Humbug.

I stopped in to CVS to buy my new favorite shampoo -Garnier Whole Blends Apple- (post coming soon) aaaand, of course, I strolled down the makeup aisle. After contemplating adding three new NYX Liquid Lingerie lipsticks to my collection, I saw this cute NYX three-pack gift set of a full-sized soft matte lip cream, lip primer and lip liner for $10 and I was sold. I believe there’s five color options, CVS only had three, though.


I went with the darkest: LipSet 05 with the Cannes lip cream. I’d best describe it as a burnt peach. I’m excited to try this product, because while I have soft matte lip creams stowed in my makeup drawer, I never wear them because they’re all super pink. Three of them are from last year’s winter collection, I’m much more impressed with this selection, so far!

I also came across Arianna Grande, Beyonce, Britney Spears and Rihanna three-piece perfume sets for $20– two lotions and a perfume. My problem is that I rarely use the lotions! There were also Wet N Wild gift sets featuring two pencil liners, the 6-shadow “Comfort Zone” palette and an eyeshadow primer for $5!

These are just a few of the fresh collections coming out, there’s more to come and it’s always the best pickin’ when it’s early in the season.

Until next week,



PS—Even my dog likes the lipstick. Girlllll, this ain’t for you. Psh.



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