Colourpop “Foxy” Minis Mania 

I’ll be honest. I only wanted this kit of liquid lipsticks because of the name. My dog’s name is Foxy, if you didn’t know. That being said, I like the products, too, so that’s nice! Click for swatches & a little {unwanted} opinion~

The deets: five lipsticks, $18

The colors: Tulle, Clueless, Creeper, More Better and BeeperThe Packaging: So cute! Features the usual shiny Colourpop logo and a cute little case. My one dislike is how fast the logo rubs off! Even with casual use and keeping them in their container, it rubs off. Oh, well.

*In the gloss arrangement the placement of “More Better” and “Creeper” are swapped, than in the photo below.

I’d say there is a nice color variety here with the mahogany “Tulle,” mauve “Clueless,” blue-based red “More Better,” bright red “Creeper,” and milk chocolate, “Beeper.”

Formula: Relatively drying, but long lasting. Feels great if you moisturizer beforehand, however it doesn’t last as long then. #CantWinEmAll

Size: 1 gram of lipstick + size comparison with Kylie gloss (sorry I don’t have any full-sized Colourpop lipsticks besides the lippie sticks)

Each of the full-size Colourpop liquid lipsticks are 3.2 grams and cost $6. So for $18, you get a nice sample of the lipsticks that will last you long enough (depending on use?) and likely won’t dry out!

The Verdict: This pack is a great way to test out some of the 90’s inspired Colourpop classics and the shades are relatively “safe,” yet varied, so I think most would like them!

Until next week,





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